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Wrap Shorts

WeberWear's wrap-and-snap shorts are an amazing advance in the field of patient garments. These unique shorts have snaps at the waist, allowing them to open and lay flat. This means a comfortable fit for the patient and easy access for caregivers. They are particularly useful for those who have had hip or knee surgery or a catheter. Drawstring and side snap or velcro designed shorts are also available.

The snaps are plastic, so they won't interfere with procedures, radiology, or cauterization. They are reinforced with our exclusive backing for long wear. The snaps can also be hidden for a more stylish look.

These shorts come in khaki, denim and poplin, all of which are sturdy and fully opaque and will stand up to repeated washing. The poplin styles are available in several colors: burgundy, gray, blue, navy, green, turquoise and purple. All styles come in three sizes to meet all your patient needs: extra small, one size fits most, and extra large. The adjustable snaps at the waistband make these shorts fit a variety of bodies extremely well.

Comfort for Body and Mind
While these shorts are very practical, efficient, and economical for your facility, perhaps their best feature is the comfort and dignity they provide your patients. They can provide privacy when worn with a hospital gown, which shows your patients that you respect them. They can also be worn with a t-shirt to give patients a sense of normalcy. (See out T-shirts that open on the sleeves.) Men, particularly, appreciate being able to wear, say, denim shorts and a t-shirt in place of the standard hospital gown.

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