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Snap Pants

During their hospital stay people enjoy the luxury of being fully covered. Dignity, privacy and comfort are the keys! WeberWEAR provides previously un-thought of solutions. In the age of spectacular surgeries, medicine and therapies, we have now found an answer to the common hospital gown!

Take a look. Both your staff and your patients--male and female--will send up a rousing cheer when you provide WeberWEAR's snap pants and shorts.

Snap Pants Combine Comfort and Function
These pants, made of the cotton/polyester blend used in scrub suits, will set your patients at ease and allow them to hold on to their dignity. They are light-weight and very comfortable, but they also make it easy for your staff to attend to their patients. Plastic snaps run down both sides of the pants and along the waist. This allows both easy access and a comfortable fit. Three sizes are available, to fit waists from 26 to 50 inches.

There is a patch pocket on the right rear for added utility. These pants are available in a variety of colors. To make them look even better, the snaps can be hidden upon request.

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