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Hospital Gowns

Being in the hospital can cause anxiety enough. Your patients are ill or injured, separated from their homes and loved ones, and their privacy is constantly being interrupted. Ill-fitting hospital gowns that leave them exposed and feeling vulnerable only add to the stress.

Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative available. At WeberWEAR, we have designed a line of clothing for medical needs that allows full and easy access for procedures while maintaining the patient's privacy and dignity. You can do wonders for your patients' morale without any sacrifice in cost or efficiency.

WeberWEAR's Econo Gown
We have developed a very economical hospital gown that your patients will love. The fabric is poplin, a polyester and cotton blend that is fully opaque and stands up to hundreds of washings. A full back panel keeps your patients comfortably covered without the necessity of a second gown, which adds to the economy. It comes in a range of attractive colors, which can be accented with a second color at the V neckline, and in short or -length sleeves. The Econo Gown is available in petite, standard, extra large, 6XL and 10XL

Not only will your patients love it, but your staff will too. Snap closures on the left hip and left shoulder make access easy. Many of your patients will be able to use the snaps themselves. The snaps are plastic, which means they will not interfere with radiology, surgical procedures or cauterization. And as astonishing as it may seem, all this is available for just pennies per use.

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