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Women's Health Robes

A facility dedicated to health care for women is a very special place. Excellent medical care is, of course, the first priority, but the best women's health care centers are also very sensitive to the comfort and dignity of their clients. You train your staff and design your facility to make women feel respected, valued, and at ease. Now you can also provide them with robes that won't decimate their self-esteem.

Every woman wants to feel attractive, even in medical situations. WeberWEAR has found a way to offer a variety of robes for health care facilities that are both stylish and attractive, as well as practical. Imagine what that says to your clients about your consideration of their needs and feelings. If you are interested in having your own design, we will be happy to do that for you.

The Lorain Robe
Our Lorain Robe is an excellent example. This double-breasted robe offers privacy and style. Size is easily adjusted with plastic snaps that won't interfere with radiology or other procedures. The fabric is a luxurious cotton blend pique that gets softer with every washing. It comes in standard colors of white, ecru, and sweet mint, and can be customized with the colors and trim of your choice.

The Anne Robe
The Anne Robe is a classic -length or full-length wrap in soft, comfortable pique. The tie is securely sewn on the back so it won't get lost. Easy to store, this robe washes for years and can be made for you with differentiating colors inside the neckband.

The Joyce Robe
The Joyce robe is uniquely designed to feature a self-encased belt that adjusts to any woman's waist giving her a very feminine look. The graceful double lapels add even more femininity and privacy. Wear them open or closed, this robe is sure to please all of your patients!

Oriental Jacket
Sometimes all that's needed is a top, and we offer two stylish jackets that will suit your needs perfectly. Our Mandarin jacket is particularly attractive, and will let your patients know how much you care.

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