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Rehab / Physical Therapy Garments

 | Backward/Frontward Gown | 
 | Back Closure V-neck PT Gown | 
 | Poplin Side Snap Shorts | T-Shirt | 
 | Privacy Wrap Shorts | Poplin Side Snap Pants | 
 | Design Your Own With Us | 

Privacy Wrap Shorts

WeberWEAR Wrap Shorts - 1

Privacy shorts are designed for patient dignity and privacy. The plastic snaps close only at the waist accommodating waist sizes of 18 - 42 inches on the standard size (ES6) and waist sizes 38 - 52 inches on the XXL size (ES7). The wrap shorts do not have any closures on the sides.

This design allows the x-ray a clear view. The shorts were originally designed for a Los Angeles orthopedic group. Available in navy, medium blue, light blue, logen green, grey, turquoise, lagoon green, charcole, chocolate, pink, and lilac.

WeberWEAR Wrap Shorts - 2

"I received a pair of shorts just before having hip surgery. The shorts made life much easier for me not to mention giving me back some dignity! I could actually get dressed without help. Thanks you so much for coming up with these great shorts!"
-- Michelle Nelson (WeberWEAR Customer)

ES6 Privacy Shorts ($34.99)

ES7 XXL Privacy Shorts ($34.99)

Poplin  Side  Snap Pants

WeberWEAR Pants WeberWEAR Pants
Waffle Weave Suit

Our light weight pants are very comfortable. The bi-lateral side snaps and adjustable waist make use easy for patients as well as care givers. Patch pocket in right rear. Fabric Contents: cotton - poly blend (scrub fabric).

Waist sizes: Petite - 26 to 38 inches; One Size Fits Most - 34 to 40 inches; XXL - 36 to 50 inches.

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

TR2 X-SMall Polin Side Snap Pants ($49.99)

TR2 Poplin Side Snap Pants ($49.99)

TR3 XXL Poplin Side Snap Pants ($51.99)

[Optional Features for Pants:
Add $5 for a fly front and Add $4 for a front pocket]

Backward/Frontwards Gown

WeberWEAR Backward/Frontwards Gown

This gown is worn with the plastic snaps in the front or back. Either sleeve still opens for treatment. Made to match your décor, this sporty look silently tells of recovery. Good for women's health, cardiology and physical therapy centers.

A Wyoming PT clinic reports their gowns have endured 750 washings and are still going strong.

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

DF0 Small Backward/Frontwards Gown ($34.99)

DF Backward/Frontwards Gown ($34.99)

DF4 XXL Backward/Frontwards Gown ($39.00)

This unisex gown is also available in full length.

Physical Therapy Gown  (Back closure V-neck)

WeberWEAR Back Closure V-neck gown Weber WEAR PT Gown

The Back closure V-neck gown is another version of our very popular frontwards/backwards 3/4 length gown. It features a slenderizing front V-neck and includes openings on the sleeves bilaterally plus a neat and clean back closure. The 100% plastic snaps are held in place with the help of our own special interfacing. Colors are available to suit the decor of your facility. Our thanks to the suggestions of several physical therapists.

Sizes: One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

BI1 V-Neck Back opening Gown ($34.99)

BI2 Super Size V-Neck Back opening Gown ($38.99)

Poplin Side Snap Shorts

WeberWEAR Poplin Shorts

Poplin Side Snap Shorts

In a similar design to the denim shorts, the poplin short offer the same features. Available in teal, grey, navy, lagoon green, blue, forest green, chocolate, mauve, lilac, and tan.

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

ES4A Poplin Side Snap Shorts ($44.99)

ES5A XXL Poplin Side Snap Shorts ($44.99)

WeberWEAR T Shirt - 1 WeberWEAR T Shirt - 2

T Shirt
The sporty T-shirt is available in white, gray, navy or black. Both shoulders open completely to slide over head or up from feet. Simply close the Velcro and you are ready to go. These are great T-shirts for shoulder problems, stroke patients, heart problems, and immobility.

Sizes: One Size Fits Most, and XX-Large

MM1 T-Shirt with Snap Open Sleeves ($47.99)

MM3 XXL T-Shirt with Snap Open Sleeves ($49.99)

DesignYour OwnWith Us

WeberWEAR will design garments to meet your specific needs. Each design is crafted with your input by an experienced Registered Nurse. Color, fabric, and price can be altered to meet your needs. Call for more details and a free estimate.

Fabric suitable for medical facilities and commercial laundries.

To order call toll-free 1-877-932-3726.

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